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Migration Sculptures enliven Duke of York

Two new public art sculptures were recently installed in Mississauga at the corner of Duke of York Blvd. and Burnhamthorpe Rd. W. Entitled “Migration”, these stainless steel structures are by local artist Alex Anagnostou, and they portray a flock of now-extinct passenger pigeons in flight. There are two statues – one is ‘V” shaped, on the west corner, and one is shaped like an arc, on the east side of the intersection. When I was there yesterday, lots of people were stopping to admire the artwork.

Migration sculpture Mississauga

Migration sculpture Mississauga

Per the City of Mississauga’s press release, they are constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, and sandcast molten glass. I have to admit, they are quite striking in person, The colourful glass birds are inlaid into the metal, providing a nice effect.

Migration artwork Mississauga

Migration artwork Mississauga

These sculptures pay homage to the passenger pigeon, which in the nineteenth century used to exist in southern Ontario; now they are no more.

From the city’s website: “Migration recalls the story of the passenger pigeons that used to number in the billions as they flew across the southern coast of Lake Ontario during their migrations and would roost on the southern edge of Mississauga. The artwork also references the Mississauga First Nations people who were drawn to the area because of the rich and vibrant landscape which included the passenger pigeons.”

Migration by Alex Anagnostou

Migration by Alex Anagnostou

Definitely a nice addition to the Square One area of Mississauga. Alex Anagnostou is an artist in residence at the Living Arts Centre glass studio, and she has a website here: www.alexanagnostou.com

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