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Mineola Luxury Homes, Mississauga

Mineola homes

Mineola homes

Mineola is a premium area of expensive homes, located in south central Mississauga, south of the QEW highway, and just north of Port Credit.. Although Mineola Road has both an east and a west section, the latter, known as Mineola West, has the most luxurious properties. The greatest characteristic of Mineola is perhaps the tall tree canopy which gives the area a park like setting. Residences typically have large forested lots, and today Mineola is seeing a lot of redevelopment, where older homes – bungalows and cottages – are being replaced by palatial modern structures. Visit my full article on Mineola homes for a complete rundown on location, prices, amenities, and photo tour.

This is the 4th article in a continuing series covering Mississauga luxury neighborhoods, Mineola certainly qualifies as one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. Once again, you can find the full article with more photos here:  http://www.randyselzer.com/mineola-homes-mississauga.html

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