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Credit Mills Homes Mississauga – Luxury Real Estate

Credit Mills homes Mississauga

As part of my continuing series profiling the most expensive luxury neighborhoods in Mississauga, Canada, today we take a look at Credit Mills, a newer area of large homes constructed in the 1990’s.

Credit Mills takes its name from pioneer age industrial mills that were situated along the Credit River, which runs through Mississauga. During the 1990’s, this location saw the construction of a number of large, executive style homes. Although Credit Mills does not have the extensive tree canopy that blesses some of the older prime areas of Mississauga, it does have something that the older luxury neighborhoods do not have – modern housing stock. These newer properties have all the incredible features that homeowners want today – features such as triple car garages, ensuite bathrooms for every bedroom, and much more. The lots are smaller than in traditional areas, but this equates to much less yard maintenance to worry about, and every lot in Credit Mills is big enough for a swimming pool. We provide a full review of Credit Mills homes here: http://www.randyselzer.com/credit-mills-homes.html

Credit Mills is one of Mississauga’s finest and most expensive areas. So once again, for a full review with pictures and prices, see my feature article on Credit Mills homes.

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